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My Heart needs your Heart

Sharing our grief is one of the hardest conversations we will ever have.

Grief shared is truly grief divided, when shared and placed in the arms of the ones who love us the most, to give us rest from the exhausting journey we are on. The title for my book, was inspired by my dear friend Jeannie (from Morden, Manitoba) who was so gracious to lend me her words from a conversation we shared in 2015. When you string these five words together, Grief Shared is Grief Divided, you get an impressive title for a book... my book!

I am absolutely in love with this page... This is where the heart of Grief

Shared starts, right at the beginning with My Heart is with your Heart. This gorgeous pink heart provides an attractive space to write your own personal message. Grief Shared

becomes the gift that keeps on giving as a sympathy or an encouragement

card and as an added bonus there is profound inspiration at every turn of the pages with lots of love, kindness, gentleness, hope, guidance & strength.


Doreen Klassen creator of Meaningful Little Books

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