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Creating Meaningful  and Uplifting Books to Embrace Your Heart

Grief Shared is a beautiful little book to uplift, inspire and embrace your heart. Written to guide ourselves, our families and our dear friends through the journey of grief. The colorful pages along with the thoughtful and powerful words will fill your heart, knowing your journey does not have to be travelled alone. Grief shared is thoughtful and cherished gift or a beautiful addition to add with a card of heartfelt sympathy.

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"I have been blessed by Doreen's thoughtfulness and kindness many times for many years. I have my small stash of her meaningful little book to give someone at the right time because I know the wonderful soul and creative spirit that put them together. "

— Kathy

"These little books are amazing! Great to carry in your purse and take out to read .. fills your heart with memories."

— Suzan

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